A ‘cracking’ week

It’s been another busy week in Nursery! Humpty Dumpty has been our Nursery rhyme of the week and we have been having lots of fun making making up new rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty sat on a head – Humpty Dumpty went to bed…  The theme has continued with painting Humpty Dumpty  and completing jigsaws and building walls with different construction sets. The children also practised their self help skills and fine motor skills when they helped prepare scrambled eggs and buttered their own toast for an eggy feast.


The weather has been ‘varied’ this week, but the children still want to be outside. We had a wonderful windy day, so we took out our streamers, burning off energy and using big arm and shoulder movements.


Inside the classroom, the new mobilo construction set has been really popular. Some fantastic vehicles have been built and then played with. A makeshift reading den has also been used well as a cosy place to enjoy a book.  Lots of children are expressing their likes for certain books and stories and we have responded this week to a child’s particular interest by providing a ‘Dear Zoo’ interactive book activity. If your child has a particular favourite story please let us know and we can set up different interactive book activities.


Making Friends

The children are growing in confidence and are beginning to play together, rather than alongside each other, and there are lots of friendships forming which is lovely to see. In our outdoor area we are providing lots of activities and resources for developing gross motor skills, through big shoulder movements, and the children have been using the sweeping brushes, pushing the wheelbarrows and push carts,  playing on the climbing frame, taking part in target games etc. Taking your children to the park to use large play equipment will also help to boost their gross skills development. We hope you enjoy sharing the photographs, and talking  with your child about the activities and experiences they are taking part in.


This has been the first week children have been in for a full day and they have managed so well with the extended day. We have been learning how to use the climbing frame safely this week and the children have been excited to use it. The children are becoming much more independent in exploring the outdoor environment and were particularly engaged in making potions, soups and perfumes from flowers. Inside, the children are still enjoying the trains and are becoming more skilled at building tracks. The children are learning lots of routines and are are proud of their developing skills, especially putting their coats on themselves. The nursery display in the hall will show you the range of routines the children are taking part in and you can support your children in developing their self help skills  by encouraging them to put on their coats and shoes themselves.


New Beginnings

The children who are new to Nursery have settled in so well this half term. Other members of staff have commented on how calm the children have been  when they have visited the unit. The children  are excited to explore the indoor and outdoor areas and are beginning to build relationships with the other children and the adults. Every school day they are practising their self help skills, learning to become independent, putting on their coats, shoes and wellies. A big thank you to all parents and carers  for sending in wellies – every child in Nursery now has a pair of wellies. Next week most of the children will be in full time and we are looking forward to sharing the days with them.