There is no bad weather in outdoor play…

… just opportunities for new new kinds of exploration.

Jack Frost visited this week and the children were excited and eager to get outside and experience the changes in the weather first hand. The children practised their observational skills by finding ice deposits on natural resources such as twigs and leaves. Learning new vocabulary and concepts such as freezing and melting are so much more powerful and meaningful when you are holding ice in the palm of your hand and within minutes it physically changes into water.  The weather also gave rise to more discussions about how they can keep themselves safe. The children are learning that surfaces such as the playground can become slippy and dangerous to move around on in icy weather, but grassy and soil surfaces are safer to travel on. Most of all though, they understand that they can have fun in the different weather we experience, including mark making in the ice.



We are a ‘reading’ school and the love of stories is promoted in the outdoors as well as indoors in the EYFS. The icy weather provided us with an opportunity to adapt and physically experience a Nursery favourite story,  ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen. The Nursery children were thrilled and just a tiny bit scared of going on a … ‘Snow Bear Hunt’.  We crossed streams and hills and mountains seeking out the ‘Snow Bear’ with the children joining in with the refrains enthusiastically.




We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who stayed for a story telling session this week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children have come to enjoy and participate in these sessions. We will be holding further sessions, if you didn’t get the chance to come to this one, and we look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you.





Picture Gallery

We have been busy this week on our current  topic, ‘Ourselves’, and the children have been learning about feelings and emotions. They have been naming different emotions and talking about situations where they might experience these feelings.

To tie in with our topic and continuing the theme of the friendship week, ‘Everyone different, Everyone equal’, the children have now completed a self portrait in paint.  In focused sessions they studied their faces closely, describing their particular features before they began working on their portraits. Look through the gallery and see if you can spot your child’s likeness.

As it is the 1st of December today we have started to prepare for Christmas.  Our home corner is a cosy Christmas scene where the children can relax and share a book or a chat with their friends.




Please don’t forget your invitation to the story telling session in Nursery next Wednesday, 6th December, at 9.00am. The children will be very excited for you to share this session with them.


Latest developments in the outdoor area

Our outdoor area is evolving all the time and today the children were excited to observe the delivery of wood bark for the flooring in our writing den. They watched from a safe distance as the load was lowered over the fence and gave the delivery driver a round of applause when the task was completed.


After the delivery, the children set to work helping to transport the bark to the writing den.  It will soon have all weather flooring, so it is functional to use whatever the weather.



Other new additions and improvements to the outdoor area are the Astro turf flooring in the role play den, as a well as a tarpaulin cover to provide some protection from the weather. We also have a fantastic crafted signpost and a weather station.  We would like to express our gratitude to Joseph Pritchard for his unstinting work , in helping us to develop the learning potential of our outdoor environment. Even when the weather is extreme, like today, most of the children want to be outside, and so we are always striving to boost the learning opportunities to be experienced there.






Friendship week

It has been another busy week in Nursery and we have been sharing stories about Elmer to help the children explore the whole school theme of , ‘We are all different, we are all equal’. The children have been involved in circle time discussions, talking about their similarities and differences to each other and how we are all special in different ways. They have all designed  a patch to add to our class display of Elmer the Elephant to celebrate their uniqueness. The week ended with a whole school event of each child releasing a balloon in the playground in recognition of of our friendship and acceptance of each other.



It was also dressing up day on Friday to raise money for the ‘Children in Need’ appeal and it proved to be  a lively day for the children who all enjoyed talking about their outfits.



Congratulations to the Nursery children who received a certificate for 100% attendance for the first half term. Coming to school every day makes such a difference to their learning.


Live Performance




The Nursery children had the opportunity to take part in a workshop and then watch a theatre production of ‘The Silent Songbird’ in the school hall on Thursday. It was an exciting and interactive performance which they thoroughly enjoyed, and were eager to talk about when they returned to class.


Autumn leaves are falling down

The first week back has been very busy but the children have soon settled back in. They are loving the new additions to the outdoor area, especially the mud kitchen and the reading bench. One of our new topics this term is Autumn, and The children were very excited to explore the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We found lots of different leaves which generated talk about colours and sizes, the children were matching and comparing leaves they found. This was a good opportunity for the children to practise their vocabulary about textures and for the adults to introduce new vocabulary. Leaves were described as, scrunchy, crinkly, hard, smooth, bendy etc. We have created a woodland theme role play area in the classroom for the children to experience what it is like in a wood and it is a popular activity. We would like to thank the parents who came to the Nursery ‘Tips for Talking’ workshops this week – we hope they will be helpful. Enjoy the Bonfire celebration Weekend and please keep safe.

All things Caribbean

For Black History month the Nursery children have been learning about the Caribbean author Trish Cooke and they have loved her story ‘So Much’,  about a close knit family and a well loved baby. We have acted out verbs from the story, squeezing, kissing the baby etc., and the children have then thought up new actions to perform with the baby doll such as tickling the baby, swinging the baby , bouncing the baby etc. Sharing a traditional dish of jerk chicken, rice and beans has also been a popular activity linked to our story.


Preparing for our half term break we set up a holiday bus in the playground and enjoyed a good sing song to get us in the holiday mood. Tickets were handed out and the most popular destination was ‘Snakes and Slides’ –  so be warned Mums and Dads and families!

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you back in school on Monday 30th October.  Please note that we will be having workshops on Thursday 2nd November at 9.10am, 2.30pm and 5.00pm to help you support your child’s development and learning in speaking and listening, and phonics.

A ‘cracking’ week

It’s been another busy week in Nursery! Humpty Dumpty has been our Nursery rhyme of the week and we have been having lots of fun making making up new rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty sat on a head – Humpty Dumpty went to bed…  The theme has continued with painting Humpty Dumpty  and completing jigsaws and building walls with different construction sets. The children also practised their self help skills and fine motor skills when they helped prepare scrambled eggs and buttered their own toast for an eggy feast.


The weather has been ‘varied’ this week, but the children still want to be outside. We had a wonderful windy day, so we took out our streamers, burning off energy and using big arm and shoulder movements.


Inside the classroom, the new mobilo construction set has been really popular. Some fantastic vehicles have been built and then played with. A makeshift reading den has also been used well as a cosy place to enjoy a book.  Lots of children are expressing their likes for certain books and stories and we have responded this week to a child’s particular interest by providing a ‘Dear Zoo’ interactive book activity. If your child has a particular favourite story please let us know and we can set up different interactive book activities.


Making Friends

The children are growing in confidence and are beginning to play together, rather than alongside each other, and there are lots of friendships forming which is lovely to see. In our outdoor area we are providing lots of activities and resources for developing gross motor skills, through big shoulder movements, and the children have been using the sweeping brushes, pushing the wheelbarrows and push carts,  playing on the climbing frame, taking part in target games etc. Taking your children to the park to use large play equipment will also help to boost their gross skills development. We hope you enjoy sharing the photographs, and talking  with your child about the activities and experiences they are taking part in.


This has been the first week children have been in for a full day and they have managed so well with the extended day. We have been learning how to use the climbing frame safely this week and the children have been excited to use it. The children are becoming much more independent in exploring the outdoor environment and were particularly engaged in making potions, soups and perfumes from flowers. Inside, the children are still enjoying the trains and are becoming more skilled at building tracks. The children are learning lots of routines and are are proud of their developing skills, especially putting their coats on themselves. The nursery display in the hall will show you the range of routines the children are taking part in and you can support your children in developing their self help skills  by encouraging them to put on their coats and shoes themselves.