Kung hei fat choy 2018

We have had another full week of learning experiences in Nursery. The week started off with a cold snap which led to a search for animal footprints left in the snow. The children were excited to find bird prints and cat  paw prints in the outdoor area as well as lots of ice.

For Shrove Tuesday the children practised their pancake tossing using a beanbag in a frying pan and learnt a new pancake poem. They helped to stir the pancake batter before it was cooked and they enjoyed trying trying different toppings on their pancakes.

Chinese New Year has been very engaging for the children and has led to many creative activities including making lanterns, lucky red envelopes and helping to make the ‘dragon’ for our parade.

Friday was a big celebration day with the children taking part in a dragon dance parade around the outdoor area.

The day ended with the children tasting Chinese food from a banquet generously provided by some of the parents. We all want to say a big thank you to them for their fantastic effort and the delicious food. Following the banquet the children enjoyed cracking open the fortune cookies and listening to their ‘fortunes’.



We hope you enjoy sharing these photographs with your children and wish you a lovely half term holiday. We are looking forward to an exciting week when we return to school with World book day and all the different book activities in class and throughout the school.

We’re going on a shape hunt!

The children have been learning about the properties of shape and about common 2D shapes. They are learning the language to describe properties of shape they see in the environment, especially curved and straight edges as well as shape names. They found a shape hunt in the outdoor area very exciting as they raced in teams to find as many shapes as they could and then sorted them by shape and size.

Making 3D enclosures with construction sets has been popular this week.

The new topic ‘Chinese New Year’ is providing the children with lots of opportunities to improve their skills e.g. cutting out lanterns, using pincer skills to copy Chinese symbols, as well as learning about different customs, and ways of life. They particularly enjoyed acting out the Chinese zodiac race.

In phonics the children are learning about rhythm and rhyme and are practising new rhymes each day. If you want to practise different rhymes online, CBeebies have nursery rhymes that the children can sing along with. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/curations/nursery-rhymes.

We hope you enjoy using the images to talk to your child about their learning.

What’s for dinner?

After a week of extreme weather it was great to be outside in the sunshine on Friday, even though it was still a little cold. The mud kitchen was open for business as usual, and was very popular with creative chefs preparing cabbage soup, amongst other tasty treats. Some of the children waiting to be fed were practising using their early literacy skills to choose food items from the menus.

In phonics the children are continuing to develop their awareness of sounds and rhythms. They have been learning to listen carefully to instrumental sounds and recognise when the musical  pattern is fast or slow, or the sound of the instrument is loud or quiet. They have also been listening to long sounds made on instruments such as the triangle, and learning the term vibration. Please listen to music with your children and talk about what you can hear and help them to identify different sounds and patterns.


As usual we have been sharing lots of stories this week and an audio version of the ‘Winter Garden’, by Ruth Brown has been a good source of discussion about animals in winter. To bring the story more to life the children experienced some of the wildlife featured in the book, face to face in the classroom!

For the last two weeks of this half term the children will be learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. We have adapted our home corner for our new topic and it features the lucky colours of red and gold.

We hope you enjoy sharing the images with your children and talking about their experiences and learning over the last week.

Clickety click!

It’s been another busy week in Nursery, and since the weather has been more settled the children have enjoyed spending more time playing and learning in the outdoor area.

In phonics we are learning about body percussion and how you can make sounds with different parts of your body, other than using your voice. Please ask your children to demonstrate how they can produce different sounds.

We want to say thank you to the parents and carers who came to the story telling session in class this week – the children are always excited to share their learning with you. The books featured in the session were ‘Mrs Honey’s Hat’, by Pam Adams and ‘The Gruffalo’, by Julia Donaldson. During the meeting we did make an appeal for contributions to our new EYFS reading display in the hallway. We asked for parents and carers to write down the title of a book or comic that they loved to read when they were young, along with a photograph of when they were young, to add to the staff contributions on the board. Please do get involved as research shows that parent’s positive attitudes to reading has a very strong influence on children’s reading development.


We also want to say a big thank you to the Nursery 2 parent who following the story session volunteered to come into class and read the children her German version of the story, ‘The Gruffalo’. The children were fascinated to hear a familiar story in a different language and even when you don’t understand most of the words you can still be drawn in to a story by the lilt of the  language and wonderful illustrations. We welcome any parents or carers who would like to lead a story session in Nursery. You will have a very appreciative audience.


We hope you enjoy sharing some of this week’s moments and highlights with the children.





Life imitating art

Well the children have had real life experience of ice and snow over the week, which they have been learning about for our current topic. We have also experienced torrential rain, hailstone and blustery winds which sadly has made it unsafe for the children to spend too much time in the outdoors. Whilst we have been confined to barracks we have used all our space to give the children more choices of indoor activities. They have really enjoyed using all the different small world resources.

Over the next two weeks we will continue with our topic and will be focusing on exploring and observing ice, through different activities. If you are out shopping in a supermarket with your child you could draw their attention to the freezers and look at, and feel some of the products in them.

This week we have discussed how animals exist in winter as well as studying  Winter art paintings and talking about the colours used in them.  Many of the creative  activities available to the children have been focused on these cold colours of blue, grey, white and silver.



We have shared many more stories this week based on our topic, and here is a selection of some of them.

The children also request known favourite stories to be read to them at story time.  This week ‘Danny’s Picture’, by Mike Dickinson has been a popular choice in Nursery 1, and ‘The Selfish Crocodile’, written by Faustin Charles, has been enjoyed in Nursery 2.

We have had a bit of a change around of our learning areas in the classroom, and the reading area has been relocated. Please come and share a story with your child in the new location in the ten minutes before morning register.

We look forward to parents and carers joining us again first thing after morning register on Wednesday 24th January for a story telling session. The children really do enjoy you being part of their learning experiences, so please come along.


Listening walk

This week the Nursery children toured the school and its grounds on a listening walk as part of their phonics programme. They are learning to focus on sounds in the environment and tuned in to  many different sounds they could hear such as traffic noise, bird calls, aeroplane jet engines, dogs barking, telephones ringing, office equipment, squeaky doors, toilets flushing, and noises generated in the school kitchen, to name but a few. Please talk to your children about sounds you hear when you are at home or out and about.


We have been learning about ways to keep warm in Winter as part of our current topic and one of those ways is to eat hot food. In class we made a huge pan of Minestrone soup and the children tried it, with most of them really enjoying the experience.





New Year, new term, new topic

A big welcome back to school to all the children in Nursery and a Happy New Year to their families.  The children have been so excited to share their Christmas news with their friends and the adults on their return to class. We have started our new topic, ‘Winter’,and you can check out the parent newsletter to see how you can help your child in their learning this half term. We made a start to the topic by talking about things you can eat and drink to keep you warm in the cold weather and the children then enjoyed sharing a cup of hot chocolate together before talking about how they felt after a comforting hot drink, which some of them described as feeling ‘cosy’.

We are focusing on the the book ‘One Snowy Night’, by Nick Butterworth about Percy the park keeper and have set up our role play area as Percy’s hut. We will be sharing many books about Winter themes and so please ask your child to talk about the stories they have listened to each day.

We are beginning name recognition next week and name cards will be set out in the morning for children to select as they come in to Nursery.  Please help your child to find  their name card  by recognising the letter shape of the first letter in their name before beginning to recognise their name as a whole word.


Christmas is coming …

The Nursery children had a special Christmas treat this week when Louby Lou came into school to entertain them. A number of them showed great confidence volunteering to help her perform some tricks and sing along to known songs.  The show ended with a snow storm, which    the children found exciting.


We also got got the chance to watch the Reception children perform their Nativity play in the main hall. The Nursery children were a good audience and we want to congratulate Reception on a wonderful performance.

It has also been Christmas jumper day this Friday, to raise funds for the ‘Save the Children’ charity, and thechildren looked very smart and festive in their colourful tops.


We would like to remind parents and carers that it is the Nursery Christmas Party day on Monday 18th December and children should come into school in their party clothes. On Tuesday you are invited to watch the children sing some Christmas songs at 1.45pm followed by a craft afternoon 2pm until 3 pm.

There is no bad weather in outdoor play…

… just opportunities for new new kinds of exploration.

Jack Frost visited this week and the children were excited and eager to get outside and experience the changes in the weather first hand. The children practised their observational skills by finding ice deposits on natural resources such as twigs and leaves. Learning new vocabulary and concepts such as freezing and melting are so much more powerful and meaningful when you are holding ice in the palm of your hand and within minutes it physically changes into water.  The weather also gave rise to more discussions about how they can keep themselves safe. The children are learning that surfaces such as the playground can become slippy and dangerous to move around on in icy weather, but grassy and soil surfaces are safer to travel on. Most of all though, they understand that they can have fun in the different weather we experience, including mark making in the ice.



We are a ‘reading’ school and the love of stories is promoted in the outdoors as well as indoors in the EYFS. The icy weather provided us with an opportunity to adapt and physically experience a Nursery favourite story,  ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen. The Nursery children were thrilled and just a tiny bit scared of going on a … ‘Snow Bear Hunt’.  We crossed streams and hills and mountains seeking out the ‘Snow Bear’ with the children joining in with the refrains enthusiastically.




We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who stayed for a story telling session this week. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children have come to enjoy and participate in these sessions. We will be holding further sessions, if you didn’t get the chance to come to this one, and we look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you.





Picture Gallery

We have been busy this week on our current  topic, ‘Ourselves’, and the children have been learning about feelings and emotions. They have been naming different emotions and talking about situations where they might experience these feelings.

To tie in with our topic and continuing the theme of the friendship week, ‘Everyone different, Everyone equal’, the children have now completed a self portrait in paint.  In focused sessions they studied their faces closely, describing their particular features before they began working on their portraits. Look through the gallery and see if you can spot your child’s likeness.

As it is the 1st of December today we have started to prepare for Christmas.  Our home corner is a cosy Christmas scene where the children can relax and share a book or a chat with their friends.




Please don’t forget your invitation to the story telling session in Nursery next Wednesday, 6th December, at 9.00am. The children will be very excited for you to share this session with them.